About Us

The University of Utah Public Health Professional Education program is a continuing education program designed especially for the public health practice community. Faculty and staff in the Division of Public Health at the University of Utah continue to work with our practice partners to assess the training needs of the community and develop a quality set of educational offerings to meet those needs.

This Learning Management System (UUPH LMS) contains a collective of online trainings and webcasts, as well as, a calendar of upcoming live trainings. The trainings may be taken individually or as part of our LMS Learning Program.  The program will begin with an optional role-based needs assessment that will help determine individualized training needs and suggest specific trainings.  Most trainings include a knowledge-based pretest and posttest to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.  UUPH LMS will track your progress and keep personal learning notes as you proceed through the program and trainings.

We invite you to review our current library, and invite you to join our E-News email list to learn about new trainings as they are announced.