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Emergency Public Health: An Overview


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The goal of this presentation is to provide public health staff with an introductory level understanding of disasters, their impact on populations, and the role that public health plays when they occur. This training provides an introduction to hazards, disasters, and risk, the relationship of general public health functions to public health roles during disasters, and the public health agency’s role in the overall emergency management response.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define what hazards are and how they are related to disasters.
  2. Describe how risk, vulnerabilities, and resources affect the severity and outcome of disasters.
  3. Understand the various impacts of disasters on the health of a population.
  4. Understand the role that public health plays during disasters to lessen their impact on the population.
  5. Describe some of the laws and regulations that govern the actions taken by public health during a disaster. 


  • Administrative/clerical staff
  • Nurses (public health nurse)
  • Public health staff - general
  • Rural public health workers
  • State or local public health workers

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