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Isolation and Quarantine: Legal and Practical Considerations


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The goal of this presentation is to help learners understand the legal, practical, and ethical issues that pertain to quarantine for the control of infectious diseases. This training reviews the routes of infection and which routes are significant for isolation and quarantine, the definition of isolation and quarantine, the ramifications/consequences of doing isolation and quarantine, an overview of public health law, ethical considerations, and operations of isolation and quarantine.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the difference between isolation and quarantine.
  2. Describe the reasons for isolation and quarantine.
  3. Describe the legal basis for isolation and quarantine.
  4. Describe the practical and ethical issues involved in instituting an order of isolation or quarantine.

Health educators
Nurses (public health nurse)
Public health staff-general
State of local public health workers

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