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Ethics for Public Health Practice


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In this training, we discuss ethics for public health practitioners by defining the dimensions of public health ethics, focus on Applied Public Health Ethics, and explore frameworks for public health ethics that can help public health professionals make difficult decisions in their work. This training also examines the difference between research and public health practice. This training is based on the Associated Schools of Public Health's Introduction to Ethics Modules, as well as several foundational articles from the discipline of public health ethics that are referenced within the training.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how an aspirational code can guide an ethical discussion.
  2. For a given ethical principle, describe a situation where it applies in public health.
  3. Explain how the fundamental public health principles affect decisions on applied ethics in public health.
  4. Describe the ways in which public health practice may differ from public health research.

This training is well-suited for public health professionals with program management and/or supervisory responsibilities.  Other responsibilities may include program development, program implementation, program evaluation, establishing and maintaining community relations, managing timelines and work plans, and presenting arguments and recommendations on policy issues.   

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